[Solved] You’ve just finished cooking a large batch of sauce. It will be used to prepare meals later in the day.

You’ve just finished cooking a large batch of sauce. It will be used to prepare meals later in the day.

How should the sauce be stored until it is needed? Select all that apply.

☐ Allow the sauce to briefly cool on the stove before moving it to the cooler

☐ Pour the sauce into multiple containers to cool it faster before storing it

☐ Put the sauce pot in the freezer temporarily to cool it faster

☐ Use an ice paddle to cool the sauce before putting it in the cooler

☐ Pour the sauce into a storage container and put it in the cooler

Step 1: Allow the Sauce to Briefly Cool on the Stove Before Moving It to the Cooler

  • Explanation: Large batches of hot food should not be placed directly into a refrigerator or cooler because it can raise the internal temperature of the appliance, potentially allowing bacteria to grow on other stored food.
  • Safety Consideration: The sauce should cool to a safe temperature (usually below 135°F or 57°C) before placing it in a cooler to prevent bacterial growth and to maintain the safety of other foods.

Step 2: Pour the Sauce into Multiple Containers to Cool It Faster Before Storing It

  • Explanation: Distributing the sauce into smaller containers will increase the surface area, which facilitates faster cooling.
  • Safety Consideration: This method is recommended by food safety guidelines to ensure that large volumes of hot food cool more quickly to a safe temperature (usually to 70°F or 21°C within 2 hours, and then to 41°F or 5°C within a total of 6 hours).

Step 3: Put the Sauce Pot in the Freezer Temporarily to Cool It Faster

  • Explanation: Placing the hot sauce directly in the freezer could cool it more quickly.
  • Safety Consideration: This is not a commonly recommended practice because it can lead to uneven cooling and it may raise the temperature of the freezer, potentially compromising other stored foods.

Step 4: Use an Ice Paddle to Cool the Sauce Before Putting It in the Cooler

  • Explanation: An ice paddle is a food-safe plastic container filled with water and then frozen. It is used to stir hot food, thus cooling it from the inside out.
  • Safety Consideration: This method is recommended for quick and even cooling, helping to bring the sauce down to a safe temperature efficiently without compromising food safety.

Step 5: Pour the Sauce into a Storage Container and Put It in the Cooler

  • Explanation: Once the sauce is cooled down properly, it should be transferred to a storage container.
  • Safety Consideration: If the sauce has reached a safe temperature, it can be placed in the cooler to maintain a temperature of 41°F (5°C) or lower to prevent bacterial growth.

In summary, to ensure food safety when storing a large batch of sauce, one should allow the sauce to cool slightly, then transfer it to multiple shallow containers and use techniques like an ice paddle to cool it quickly. Once cooled to the appropriate temperature, the sauce can be covered and placed in the cooler. It is important to avoid placing large pots of hot food directly into the cooler or freezer as this can affect the appliance’s temperature and the safety of other stored food.

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