The Girl in the Locked Room Summary

  • Genre: “The Girl in the Locked Room” is a ghost story, blending elements of supernatural fiction with the classic young adult coming-of-age narrative.
  • Major Themes:
    • Friendship Across Boundaries: The novel delves into the possibility of forming deep connections even when separated by the barriers of time and the physical realm.
    • Facing the Past: Both Jules and Lily, in their respective timelines, confront unresolved issues from the past — one historical, the other personal.
    • Bravery and Determination: The story underscores the importance of courage in facing the unknown and the determination to right past wrongs.

Setting and Main Characters

  • Setting: The story unfolds in an old, mysterious house surrounded by dense woods, giving it an isolated and haunting atmosphere. This house holds a tragic past, with its locked rooms and untold stories acting as the backdrop to the unfolding drama.
  • Main Characters:
    • Jules: A young girl adjusting to her new life, she becomes the bridge between the past and the present, driven by her determination to help a lost soul find peace.
    • Lily: The titular “girl in the locked room,” Lily is a ghost trapped in the house, desperate for release and to share her story. Her interactions with Jules form the heart of the narrative.
    • Jules’s Parents: They play crucial roles in the story, especially as Jules’s connection with Lily deepens.

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