Meher Baba Quotes

“Why is it so difficult to find God? Because you’re looking for something, you’ve never lost.” ~ Meher Baba

“God cannot be explained… God can only be lived.” ~ Meher Baba

“God and love are identical, and one who has divine love has received God.” ~ Meher Baba

“Who says God has created this world? We have created it by our imagination.” ~ Meher Baba

“The seeker asking, Where is God? Is God saying, Where indeed is the seeker!” ~ Meher Baba

“Light can penetrate any amount of darkness, but no amount of darkness can penetrate light.” ~ Meher Baba

“Difficulties allow us to prove our greatness by overcoming them.” ~ Meher Baba

“A fast mind is sick. A slow mind is sound. A mind that is still is divine.” ~ Meher Baba

“What I want from my lovers is real, unadulterated love, and I expect real work done from my genuine workers.” ~ Meher Baba

“Desire nothing except desirelessness. 

Hope for nothing except to rise above all hopes. 

Want nothing, and you will have everything.” ~ Meher Baba

“Love delights and glorifies in giving, not receiving.” ~ Meher Baba

“Love is nothing if it is not spontaneous. It cannot be a conclusion of reasoning.” ~ Meher Baba

“If we suffer in the sufferings of others and feel happy in the happiness of others, we are loving God.” ~ Meher Baba

“God alone is real; nothing matters but love for God.” ~ Meher Baba

“If God can be found through the medium of any drug, God is not worthy of being God.” ~ Meher Baba

“Happiest is he who expects no happiness from others.” ~ Meher Baba

“Love and understanding never condemn but always seek to help and encourage.” ~ Meher Baba

“Pure love is matchless in majesty; it has no parallel in power, and there is no darkness it cannot dispel.” ~ Meher Baba

“There is nothing that love cannot achieve, and there is nothing that love cannot sacrifice.” ~ Meher Baba

“When a person tells others “Be good,” he conveys to his hearers the feeling that he is good and they are not.” ~ Meher Baba

“There is no higher or lower goal. There is only one goal, Self-Realization.” ~ Meher Baba

“Live more and more in the Present, which is ever beautiful and stretches away beyond the limits of the past and the future.” ~ Meher Baba

“Feelings and emotions are only the creation of mind and energy. Love is the creation of the soul.” ~ Meher Baba

“It is not so much that you are within the cosmos but that the cosmos is within you.” ~ Meher Baba

“All illusion comes and goes, but the soul remains unchanged. What is meant by God-realization is to experience this important thing that the soul is eternal.” ~ Meher Baba

“Suffering is essential for eliminating the ego, just as you needed to scrub and scrub to wash the stain from my coat.” ~ Meher Baba

“Life becomes meaningful, and all activities are purposeful only based on faith in the enduring reality.” ~ Meher Baba

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