6 Types of Working Genius Book Summary

In an era where the synergy of talents is key to organizational triumph, “The 6 Types of Working Genius” emerges as a transformative guide. Penned by a luminary in organizational dynamics, the book introduces a groundbreaking concept: the ‘working genius.’

This idea is a radical departure from conventional skill-based assessments, proposing that each harbours a unique genius, profoundly influencing their work style and contributions.

The book’s core is categorising professional talents into six distinct ‘geniuses.’ Each type encapsulates specific traits, fostering a diverse and vibrant workplace. The author’s thesis is captivating: organizations can enhance individual satisfaction and drive unprecedented team efficiency and innovation by identifying and harnessing these varied geniuses.

What sets this book apart is its dual focus: it’s a strategic tool for leaders aiming to amplify team efficacy and a self-discovery manual for individuals aspiring to realize their professional potential. “The 6 Types of Working Genius” doesn’t just redefine talent management; it offers a fresh lens to view our collective work world, making it an essential read for anyone invested in the future of work.

Overview of the 6 Types of Working Genius

“The 6 Types of Working Genius” presents a unique framework for understanding how different individuals contribute to the workplace. This model, outlined in the book, categorizes professional talents into six distinct types, each representing a specific form of genius that individuals bring to their work. Here’s a brief introduction to these six types:

In the innovative framework of “The 6 Types of Working Genius,” the book identifies six distinct genius types that individuals exhibit in the workplace:

  1. The Inquisitive Genius: Defined by their relentless curiosity and knack for questioning, these individuals spark new ideas and bring fresh perspectives.
  2. The Innovative Genius: Creative problem solvers who generate unique solutions and ideas, often leading innovation.
  3. The Galvanizing Genius: Known for their ability to motivate and energize teams, these individuals drive action and inspire change.
  4. The Enablement Genius: The supportive force in any group, they excel in facilitating others’ ideas, acting as the cohesive element in team dynamics.
  5. The Tenacious Genius: Characterized by their determination to see tasks to completion, they are the driving force behind project execution and follow-through.
  6. The Discerning Genius: With a talent for understanding complex scenarios, they excel in making insightful decisions and judgements, guiding teams with clarity.

Each genius type brings a unique and essential contribution to a team, highlighting the importance of diversity in skills and perspectives for organizational success.

Type 1: The Inquisitive Genius

Characteristics: The Inquisitive Genius thrives on curiosity and exploration. They constantly ask questions, delving into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of situations and ideas. Their strength lies in their relentless pursuit of understanding and knowledge.

Contribution to a Team:

  • Initiates exploration of new ideas, often leading to innovative solutions.
  • Challenges assumptions, encouraging teams to think outside the box.
  • Vital in brainstorming and strategic planning, adding depth and perspective.

Potential Challenges:

  • They may be perceived as overly skeptical or hesitant to make quick decisions.
  • Risk of getting caught in analysis paralysis.


  • Brings a unique perspective to problem-solving, uncovering risks and opportunities.
  • Fosters a learning culture, enhancing the team’s overall knowledge and adaptability.

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